callahan Lighting Design

"Light enables us to see; it stimulates, informs and excites us. There can be no visual form without light. It condition both the way we see our world and the way we feel."
Made of Light, Anthony Tischhauser, 2005

In designing lighting solutions, it is important to remember the many special touches created by light; including visual focal points, task lighting, art lighting, adding drama for different effects and most of all enhancing the built environment. In our experience, we've found that the appropriate lighting compliments and enhances the very best architectural and interior designs creating truly exceptional spaces. Most people understand the utility and benefit of lighting on the whole, but very few realize the full potential that a professionally planned design can offer.

As a consultant and member of the "design team" Frank typically works with either the owner and/or architect during the design phase of a project to design and specify a lighting solution that exceeds expectations. Frank has expertise in a wide array of lighting techniques, knowledge of a broad spectrum of lighting equipment, a library full of decorative lighting fixture choices, lighting control systems, exterior and landscape lighting options.

NOTE: This portfolio is comprised of lighting projects over my career for which I was either Senior Designer or Principal. These projects were completed while I worked for Schuler & Shook Inc., Hefferan Partnership, LLP or Callahan Lighting Design, LLC. Please feel free to contact me with questions or for any further information.